13th November 2019 in Blog

How Much Do You Really Know About Crypto Mining?

Mining — somebody’s completely forgotten and somebody’s favorite part of the cryptocurrency world. Nonetheless, it…
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6th November 2019 in Blog

Which Crypto Wallet Should You Choose

A significant amount of new crypto traders tend to forget one crucial part of the…
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30th October 2019 in Blog

Missed Crypto Boat Or Why Should You Care About Altcoins

“If you don’t believe it or don’t get it, I don’t have the time to…
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28th October 2019 in Blog

Monthly ROKKEX Exchange News

Halloween is almost here, which means the month of October is coming to an end…
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23rd October 2019 in Blog

10 Questions About Cybersecurity Answered

For some, October is the spookiest month of them, all that leads to Halloween. For…
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16th October 2019 in Blog

How to Trade on ROKKEX?

So you have decided to join our growing community. Welcome! Do you need some help?…
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9th October 2019 in Blog

Why Does Government Try To Control Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrencies were around for a decade by now. However, the topic stays controversial. There are…
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2nd October 2019 in Blog

Achilles Heel Of Cryptocurrency Exchanges

If you read some of our older articles or at least bits and pieces from…
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26th September 2019 in Blog

We Answer 10 Questions About Blockchain

This article is the beginning of our new article series “We answer 10 questions about…”.…
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24th September 2019 in Blog

What Happens After STO?

You have invested in a project that ran an STO. The sale is over. The…
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23rd September 2019 in Blog

Monthly ROKKEX Exchange News

It has been two months since ROKKEX cryptocurrency exchange has launched. We have received some…
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19th September 2019 in Blog

Why People Don’t Believe In Crypto?

If you have ever posted anything related to crypto or blockchain on the wall of…
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17th September 2019 in Blog

What Are The Factors To Consider Before Investing In STO?

We have already talked about what exactly is STO. We have also explained how to…
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12th September 2019 in Blog

Securities Exchange Platform: What Is It and Why Is It Needed?

Securities Exchange Platform: What Is It and Why Is It Needed? The term securities exchange is…
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10th September 2019 in Blog

What Is Stopping People From Investing In STOs?

With the ungraceful fall of ICOs came the rise of promising STOs. However, the Security…
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