Missed Crypto Boat Or Why Should You Care About Altcoins

“If you don’t believe it or don’t get it, I don’t have the time to try to convince you, sorry.”

This is probably the oldest quote about cryptocurrency, said by none other than the founder(s) of Bitcoin — Satoshi Nakamoto. However, the community of crypto believers, self-made experts, cryptography supporters spent a decade helping each other to understand crypto assets and the wonders of the crypto market.

Some people jumped off the ship and came back several times. Other people did not find the right time, either thinking that they have already missed the ship or were too scared after seeing the dropdowns and jumps in the charts. But is it really too late now? Were the titles right while counting how much money that you never had, but lost because you did not invest in bitcoin three, five, eight years ago?

Criticism And Fear

Cryptocurrencies get their fair share of criticism after every move in the market. The nature of a decentralized, reactive, and still developing market seems to be threatening to traditional financial departments and people who believe in them unconditionally. You can read more about this in our articles Why People Don’t Believe In Crypto? and Why Does Government Try To Control Cryptocurrency?

To put it simply, people tend to distrust something when they lack understanding or insight into how the market works. As the crypto market seems to be very reactive, it is quick to be called utterly unpredictable and risky. However, if you take a look at any history chart of Bitcoin or the general cryptocurrency market, you will notice that it follows the normal market cycle that can be found in any asset’s chart. The only difference is that the crypto market cycle loops faster than others.

The distrust causes even harsher criticism and judgment. Some people start calling digital currencies one big scam, a bubble, food for illegal businesses, terrorism, and hackers. Even Andreas M. Antonopoulos addressed these comments in his book ‘The Internet of Money Volume Two: A Collection of Talks’:

“Do not underestimate this. Do not listen to the people who tell you that bitcoin is just for pornographers, terrorists, drug dealers, and gamblers. Remember that they said the exact same thing about the internet. But when 2 or 3 million people got online, we found out that they are not interested in those things — they are interested in sharing cat videos, and now we have an internet of a billion cat videos.”

If you want to start trading, but you fear the risk, you should take your time and learn what to expect during Christmas, how do certain people or events affect the market, when is it the best time to buy, sell or hold. There are plenty of crypto communities, forums, podcasts, and blogs that will help you on the way. But of course, one of the best advice you will see coming up everywhere is to only invest what you can afford to lose.

What About Altcoins?

Going straight for Bitcoin might be too scary for many new and cautious traders. The stakes might seem too big, and the risk level — too high. Also, some people might simply lack time to keep an eye on prices, charts, and best times to buy and sell. That is where altcoins come to save the day.

There are plenty of coins to choose from, and new coins are added all the time. But again, you have to remember that some might not survive past the first year benchmark. You still have to be smart about your money. Do not buy a teapot made of sugar, because even without knowing 100{6feaf74659bb228ac71d4b44630a8d52e718e4127a7f4337598235e19f63e205} how it will go, you have a great feeling that it will not work out.

However, altcoin trading allows you to learn, find what works for you, drop one at any time and move on to the other. You can do it passively or more actively. You can use them as a backup and money source for investing in the same old bitcoin.

This Is Your Time

People become more and more interested in tokenization. More and more companies are implementing digital currency in their business. As Adam B. Levine, the founder of Let’s Talk Bitcoin has said:

“As the value goes up, heads start to swivel, and skeptics begin to soften. Starting a new currency is easy, anyone can do it. The trick is getting people to accept it because it is their use that gives the “money” value.”

There is no better time to join in and learn as right now. If you are ready to start trading, but you get overwhelmed by the complexity of charts, forms, and numbers, we invite you to give a try to ROKKEX cryptocurrency exchange. We created a user-friendly, simplistic and easy to use layout for those that are new or prefer it that way, and a more advanced trading view for the time when you feel experienced enough or simply curious.

At ROKKEX, we take security extremely seriously, and our crypto exchange is built on ‘Security First’ principle. We want to share our expertise with the broader public for the world to become happy, safe, and wise.

If you have any ideas and suggestions, contact us at

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