Finance professional with a vast experience in the banking industry where he worked with savings, investments, and asset management products. Later he broadened his knowledge in P2P lending and payments in Lithuanian startup, now — a market leader in Lithuania regarding P2P consumer lending. He is a licensed financial broker in Lithuania. Andrius is passionate about financial technology, which brings advanced usability and functions to regular people.

  • How long have you been in finance? Tell us a bit about your experience and how you got into crypto

I’ve spent my last 8 years in finance. Right after graduation, I started working as an equity broker and kickstarted my career in the banking sector. After 5 years, I transferred to a fintech startup NEO Finance, the P2P lending operator. While working there, I started noticing cryptocurrencies, and, as the majority of people started hearing about crypto everywhere in 2017. Having experience in trading, I didn’t jump into speculating crypto, as it was obvious that it is only a question of time when the bubble will burst.

  • Does crypto need regulations and restrictions?

In my humble opinion, crypto needs regulations and restrictions but from the perspective of protecting naive and inexperienced people. There is a reason why you need to fulfill certain requirements if you want to trade ETFs or CFDs, even stocks.

  • What does it mean to be CFO in a cryptocurrency company? What’s your role and day-to-day tasks?

CFO role in a cryptocurrency company is not very different from being a CFO in any other kind of company. Apart from budgeting, forecasting, and capital management, the challenge is to ensure proper cash flow in various cryptocurrencies.

  • With the crypto being so volatile, what perspective do you take when managing finances?

This question can be summed up to one word — Hedging.

  • Do you HODL any crypto?

Yes, I HODL 7 types of crypto, the main portion being BTC and ETH. I also have some utility tokens in a performing startup.

  • ROKKEX is organizing Security Token Offering (STO) at the end of Q3. One of the main components of STO is Prospectus. What is the role of CFO in creating Prospectus?

To make sure that all the numbers are relevant and we can stand by them. Organize an audit to make sure the forecast is in line with accounting principles. Lastly — read Prospectus and look for any mistakes. I work a lot with my colleague, Chief Legal Officer, Mindaugas Gaulia.

  • Getting ready for the STO, how do you create a 10-year budget? What should be taken into account?

The main important thing is to set realistic goals and work your way down to the bottom line. You start with users, turnover, possible use cases, forecast income, variable, and fixed expenses. Then the key is to talk to the main people from different departments to double check the numbers, as they have more knowledge about their expenses. After all, this is done in a couple of scenarios, and you get the soft and hard-cap for the STO.

  • Can you please explain what is tokenized securities from a financial point of view? What does that mean for a company?

At the moment tokenized securities are almost a substitute to regular “old-school” securities, though being more accessible for people all over the world. For the company it means more accessible capital (ROKKEX is doing an STO starting 2019–08–26), enabling better services for our clients.

  • Where do you envision ROKKEX in 5 years and how do you see your input here?

In 5 years, I see ROKKEX being responsible for at least 4{6feaf74659bb228ac71d4b44630a8d52e718e4127a7f4337598235e19f63e205} of global crypto turnover, expanding and having full back office automatization. My role at that time will be distributing profit to create more value for ROKKEX clients and shareholders.

  • What is the one thing that makes you the happiest?

From the current perspective, when your idea is implemented, and it exceeds your own expectations.

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