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On the way to becoming an excellent cryptocurrency trader, ROKKEX posts educational articles that will guide crypto newbies in the world of altcoins, volatility, and market caps.

When you are told about the possibility of making money on cryptocurrencies, what comes to mind? I bet you’re presenting round-the-clock trading on the exchange or HODLing coins and altcoins.

Still, there are ways that do not require active participation and dozens of time. Ways of earning money on cryptocurrency can be semi-passive (require a little time) or completely passive (do not require time). You can choose your method depending on the available capital and willingness to try new things (e.g. our recently launched ROKKEX Crypto Exchange).

Passive Income with Cryptocurrency


Blockchains based on the Proof-of-Stake algorithm (PoS) allow you to earn more coins by storing existing ones. In exchange for helping protect your network and reserving your capital, you will receive an amount proportional to coin inflation. Many PoS coins differ in the methods of sale and reward — here, you can view the list and requirements. A specific case of PoS has delegated stakeholder confirmation (DPoS) when people vote for delegates rather than stacking as individuals. The reward is usually slightly higher in DPoS coins.

The first bet varies depending on the asset. Besides, in some cases, it is required that your node is continuously online, while in others, only one-time activation through a wallet is needed. Earnings on nodes usually show a better result because it takes more time. Given that you prefer the most passive method possible stacking on Ark can provide approximately 10% of the revenue without much training, not counting the ownership of coins and the choice of a delegate.

Coins with Dividends

Possessing certain coins, you can receive dividends in the form of other currencies just for storing the original ones. For example, NEO generates Gas, and Vechain generates THOR. Typically, each unit of the initial coin allows a certain amount of new coins. The new coins are usually associated with the network fee payment, while original currencies are equated with network capital. The rate of return here is quite low, but investments will not require anything from you except owning the original coin, so this method can be considered extremely passive and low-risk.

Semi-Passive Income with Cryptocurrency


Airdrop is a free cryptocurrency counterpart. When registering for a new project, you can receive some free tokens. As a rule, this is done for promotion. Usually, the amount issued in the form of an airdrop, in equivalent to fiat currency, is small. However, if you hold tokens for a long time (have chosen a good project), they can grow in price, which will turn your digital savings into a significant amount.

Referral Program

If you have a popular blog or a YouTube channel, which supposes a large audience, referral links will be quite a profitable method for earning on cryptocurrency. These programs are usually paid with tokens from the exchange list. ROKKEX will make a referral program that is profitable both for users and for the platform. Stay updated!

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