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You can create a crypto exchange demo account to play with virtual assets opening sell & buy orders (unfortunately, the deposit and withdrawal are disabled at this stage 😜).

There is a basic trading view that’s as easy as possible for young crypto enthusiasts to start their trading activity.

The advanced trading view is more habitual to experienced crypto traders, it has all the necessary graphs and tools to analyze the market and make a profound decision. You can customize the view according to your preferences and aims.

By clicking on your profile name, you can see what features will be available in the future: Notifications and Newsflash. While it’s all clear with the Notifications, I want to elaborate more on Newsflash (the feature is a favorite of the author of this article). Basically, the feature shows the correlation between the events in the world (mostly, crypto world) and the price fluctuations of the cryptocurrency. This element will be realized through Trading View, so a trader will enjoy both trading and analytics on the sole crypto exchange platform — ROKKEX.

What happened with Binance recently, proves again that crypto exchanges should highly focus not only on generating the income but also cybersecurity.

You can already evaluate some of the security measures we’ll implement.

  1. The password. The minimum requirements for a password are to be at least 8 characters long, contain upper- and lowercase letters, numbers, and specials characters.
  2. 2FA. We’ll have a multilayer two-factor authentication with additional security for withdrawal. You cannot set it on crypto exchange demo account but it’ll be obligatory when crypto exchange platform goes live.
  3. Lockdown settings. You can set the number of wrong 2FA authentication attempts after which your account will be blocked (and for how long it will be blocked for you to have time to get back to your laptop and check what’s happened).
  4. IP Whitelisting. You’ll be the only one who manages IP addresses from which you access the account. If someone tries to log in from a non-whitelisted IP, you’ll receive an email notification enabling you to confirm or deny the attempt.
  5. Session Length. You can select the session time after which you’ll be logged out automatically.

Oh, yes, the Fees are already set as well. Check!

These and other features of our crypto exchange platform will be available already in Q3 with all the funding secured.

In Q4 we plan to … well, you can observe ROKKEX Roadmap yourself!

Rokkex Mission and Vision

With a background in international banks and renowned AI cybersecurity companies, we understand the importance of safety and security. By

implementing bank-level security standards we want to ensure that traders’ money is safe from any malicious activity.

Our objective is to be a benchmark to others on how fast, reliable and predictable the trading experience can be no matter what. We carefully analyzed the experience of our predecessors and will do our best not to repeat the incidents happened to them.

Rokkex will make a difference in the market! But, Security First!

At ROKKEX, we take security extremely seriously and our crypto exchange is built on ‘Security First’ principle. We want to share our expertise with the broader public for the world to become happy, safe, and wise.

If you have any ideas and suggestions, contact us at

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