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In the hot July day, we decided to sum up what we’ve achieved for the past 3 months. We won’t beat around the bush and can state firmly that the second quarter of 2019 was full of hardworking days and technical progress. In this report, you can read about the current status of ROKKEX cryptocurrency exchange, team expansion, and how ROKKEX team blows off steam :).


One of the most remarkable events that happened in Q2 is the partnership with Ledger Vault.

Ledger Vault is a multi-authorization cryptocurrency wallet management solution enabling financial institutions to build digital asset operations at speed and scale.

Ledger representatives visited our office in May, and we signed the contract. Soon we’ll disclose all the details of our future cooperation.

Legal Department

In anticipation of STO for ROKKEX Securities Exchange Platform, our Legal Department focused their attention on Prospectus. As we have already mentioned, Prospectus is a crucial part of Security Token Offering as this document provides investors with legal right and guarantees. Why are we issuing one?

Being an Estonian company, we need to follow a set of laws to issue security tokens. One of them is to register a prospectus with the Estonian Financial Supervision Authority unless at least one of the following exemptions exist:

  • An offer of securities is addressed solely to qualified investors, or
  • An offer of securities is addressed to fewer than 150 persons per Contracting State, other than qualified investors, or
  • An offer of securities is addressed to investors who acquire securities for a total consideration of at least 100 000 euros per investor, for each separate offer, or
  • An offer of securities with the nominal value or book value of at least 100 000 euros per security, or
  • An offer of securities with a total consideration of less than 2 500 000 euros per all the Contracting States in total calculated in a one-year of the offer of the securities.

ROKKEX strives to be 100% ready for the STO; that’s why we’re preparing Prospectus in advance.

Legal team at “Balancing Fintech Opportunities and Risks” seminar held in Vilnius

Technical Department

ROKKEX tech guys also didn’t sit idly. They have brought a lot of changes to the development of cryptocurrency exchange. Just have a look on the list of updates and improvements you can enjoy

  • Simplified registration and 2FA authentication flow.
  • Tracking all your account activity.
  • Set global settings lockdown — ability to stop updating security-related settings for a given amount of time.
  • Go through KYC Procedure.
  • Set market orders.
  • Adjust notification preferences.
  • Receive user-specific fees.
  • Manage advanced trading view layout.
  • Experience better performance and site reliability as we have fixed some bugs 🙂

Oh, yes, quite forgot! We launched a demo version of our cryptocurrency exchange! Withdrawals and deposits are unavailable at this stage; however, you can already enjoy the simplicity of the UX, security features, and play with millions of assets by setting buy and sell orders 🙂

Check it

Marketing Department

As for the marketing department, we’ve been producing educational content about cybersecurity and onboarding of young crypto enthusiasts. We managed to grab an eye of such well-known media outlets as HackerNoon and Altcoin Magazine so now we’re glad to share our pieces on their platforms.

Check our articles here

Besides, ROKKEX C-level representatives visited several world conferences and forums to start brand engagement activities. In April, our CEO, CISO, and CMO went to Asia and attended Blockchain Life & World Blockchain STO Summit. There we took the 3rd place at the startup pitch-session passing over 17 other candidates! Read in detail about ROKKEX adventures here.

In May we spent time attending local so to say conferences which took place in Estonia and neighboring Baltic countries.

Team News

ROKKEX team was formed before Q2: most of the technical specialists were employed at the end of 2018, and the legal and marketing people joined the team mostly in winter.

Nevertheless, this May we found our best QA Engineer and Communication Specialist! Now we’re performing all the tests needed on the high-quality level and can ensure that the users of the cryptocurrency exchange will receive a timely and useful reply.

What didn’t I mention? Pilates lessons!

Going on with the employment topic, you should know that ROKKEX allows its people to be in good shape. Twice a week we’re attending pilates lessons to relieve the backs, learn breathing right, and simply have some exercises after sitting in front of a laptop for a whole day. We love it!

Things To Come

All the good stuff ahead. The Q3 is expected to bring us new challenges that we’re eager to take 💪🏻.

In Q3 we’re launching our dearest cryptocurrency exchange so a young cryptocurrency trader and an experienced one will buy and sell BTC and other coins safely and intuitively (yes, cybersecurity is our top priority).

Then, Security Token Offering takes place on August 26 to be accurate. It is divided into 3 parts: Pre Sale (Aug 26 — Sep 23), Soft Cap Sale (Sep 23 — Oct 21), and Hard Cap Sale (Oct 21 — Nov 18).

With the assets we receive, ROKKEX will build Securities Exchange Platform — a healthy alternative to ICO. Companies will issue shares on our platform in exchange for investments to grow and develop their companies further. In our turn, ROKKEX will take care of Prospectus (to protect investors) and mitigate any other questions that may arise during Security Token Offering for these companies.

These are our upcoming events. More detailed and broad plans of ROKKEX, you can see on our Roadmap in White Paper 2.0.

Wish us good luck and contact us in our SM channels when you have questions or recommendations.

Stay secure!

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At ROKKEX, we take security extremely seriously and our crypto exchange is built on ‘Security First’ principle. We want to share our expertise with the broader public for the world to become happy, safe, and wise.

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